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Abby, 19, student
Lost virginity: at 16
Lovers: 10
One-night stands: 4

Most outrageous sex stories:
the most erotic sex stories from my sexual experiences was losing my virginity to a 27 year old guy. He managed to get me drunk then helped me climb into a park to have sex. I didn't even know what was happening and didn't feel the pain of having sex for the first time.

Biggest sexual disaster:
Trying to have sex for the first time with my supposedly "first sexual partner", but having a really painful experience that I didn't carry on and went home still a virgin.

Sexual secret:
I want to have a threesome with my boyfriend and two other guys I have lusted after for ages.

Best sexual fantasy:
Having sex in my car with a gorgeous guy. My car has tinted windows and the front seat goes all the way back. We cruised around pumping music all evening before having a really good chat. We then kissed passionately, started licking each other then I got down to suck his dick. I realised that he was very well endowed and then sucked and slurped it better then I've ever sucked dick in my life. We ended up having hot sex, which went on for hours - it felt so good!

Jayne, 29, marketing manager
Lost virginity: at 19
Lovers: 10
One-night stands: 3

Most outrageous sex story:
sleeping with three different guys on three consecutive nights is a pretty good sex story, read on for more sex stories.

Biggest sexual disaster:
recently slept with a guy I'd fancied for years, but he was too drunk to get it up. I was annoyed so I left.

Sexual secret:
having sex with a married guy in a hotel room on an office ‘away day’.

Best sexual fantasy:
going for a forest walk on a cold winters day in nothing but a big overcoat and stiletto boots, and then having sex with a complete stranger against a tree.

Jenny, 28, hotel manager
Lost virginity: at 22
Lovers: 2
One-night stands: 0

Most outrageous sex stories:
having sex with my boyfriend while my best friend was asleep in the same room.

Biggest sexual disaster:
the first time I sleep with my ex-boyfriend , who was divorced with two kids, his daughter interrupted us trying to climb into the bed.

Sexual secret:
losing my virginity quite late in life.

Best sexual fantasy:
having passionate sex with a muscular Spanish man in one of those outdoor hot springs surrounded by snow. The sensations of hot and cold would work for me.

Anna, 28, receptionist
Lost virginity: at 17
Lovers: 5
One-night stands: 1

Most outrageous sex story:
I chatted up a gorgeous stranger in a bar and we took a cab back to mine. Within minutes, we were having sex on my dining room floor, then I called him a cab and returned to the pub to meet the girls for last orders.

Biggest sexual disaster:
having sex with my boyfriend at a party while six girlfriends listened outside, then barged in with a video camera afterwards.

Sexual secret:
sleeping with a girl from my college.

Best sexual fantasy:
sex with two anonymous car mechanics at the same time. Its all that testosterone. please submit your stories so i can read more sex stories, i love them!

Cathy, 27, personnel officer
Lost virginity: at 16
Lovers: 14
One-night stands: 6

Most outrageous sex story:
having sex with my boss one evening in a boardroom and realising halfway through that we weren't alone. We turned the lights off and lay in silence as our colleagues chatted behind the partition.

Biggest sexual disaster:
going to bed with a gorgeous guy who I thought was perfect. until I saw his equipment was a bit, shall we say, lacking.

Sexual secret:
I dream about my boyfriend's sexy brother.

Best sexual fantasy:
being naked on a plane and getting called to the cockpit, where the captain takes me.

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